Catherine Hanson.

YSC Sports Marketing - Wayne, PA

Project Description

Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internship Fund Recipient

Growing up in Tallahassee, I saw how college sports, namely FSU football, electrified the city. Thousands of fans streamed to Doak Campbell Stadium for home games; brands invested in the team’s success, from ESPN Game Day to NoleAde, a locally-made sports drink competing against rival UF’s Gatorade. I grew up surrounded by FSU sports and their marketing tactics; as a Bowdoin swimmer, I’m still fascinated by college sports and the role they play in society.

I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Economics to study the thought processes that drive our economy. I’m particularly interested in cognitive psychology and in behavioral economics — how psychological effects “nudge” individuals’ decision-making. While I enjoy working in education or counseling and doing psychological research, I also want to gain experience in an economic field as I determine the best setting for my strengths and interests.

The YSC Sports Marketing Internship offers me a perfect partnership between psychology and economics. YSC Sports Marketing serves as a liaison between fans and companies while also supporting athletic programs for at-risk youth in the Philadelphia area. YSC Sports Marketing represents major sports companies in the New England and Mid-Atlantic area, from Gatorade and GoPro to the ACC and the Philadelphia Union. As a summer intern, I will gather and analyze sponsorship marketing data and gain solid knowledge about that data’s audience, athletic companies. I also will benefit from experience in a potential career path, marketing, that combines my academic interests, psychology and economics.

Due to my passion for swimming and interest in economics, I am currently taking The Economics of Sports which focuses on American collegiate and professional sports. This class has piqued my interest in the growing field of sports marketing; a YSC internship offers me valuable experience implementing market techniques in the field.

The YSC internship will allow me to build upon my knowledge and skills and work directly with the YSC President, Gabby Roe. Currently I am conducting a study with Professor Slowiaczek using IBM SPSS and E-PRIME to track how language and media affect psychological development and identity. The YSC internship will enable me to expand my skills in data analysis, personnel management, research, and outreach.

If I pursue a career in PR/marketing, whether in the academic or private sector, this internship will be a turning point to delve into that field. YSC offers me the chance to take on significant responsibilities, provides high-level mentoring, and offers real-life experience in almost every aspect of the marketing field. I am especially excited about researching new sports trends, creating proposals, and consulting with potential clients, all three of which will help me develop portable professional skills that can be used in the marketing field or elsewhere.

Furthermore, a YSC Sports Marketing internship will connect my athletic interests with my academic ones, fusing sports, psychology, and economics to explore a new career path by building valuable professional skills. I hope to use this internship as a springboard to discover the world of sports marketing.

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  • Date September 22, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Goodfriend, Marketing, Sophomore

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