Catherine Ellis Price.

Erin Flett - Westbrook, ME

Project Description

Scott and Anne Perper Internship Fund Recipient

I’m currently a junior majoring in Art History and minoring in Visual Arts. This past semester I studied at the Danish Institute of Study Abroad (DIS) in Copenhagen where I took a class in Scandinavian Textile Design. In this class we designed wallpaper and fabric for interiors. Although this process was new to me I fell in love with the prospects of transforming a space with color and pattern. After this class I found myself wanting to learn more about the design process and the industry. This led me to pursue an internship with Erin Flett.

Erin Flett is a designer in Westbrook, Maine who makes hand crafted products such as pillows, bags, rugs and more. Her work is internationally known and has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Country Living, and Home & Décor. I was first attracted to Ms. Flett’s work because her choice of color and minimalist approach reminded me of the Danish design I studied while abroad. I also appreciated how all her products are handmade and locally sourced. I’m interested in working with her because I think this experience will build upon, as well as integrate, what I have learned in my printmaking classes at Bowdoin with the textile class I took in Denmark. The opportunity to work with Ms. Flett would allow me to explore my own design ideas and interests within the field. Ms. Flett’s inclusive studio environment will not only allow me to observe design discussions but also to take part in them. My experience in Copenhagen allowed me to gain a point of view that I believe will complement Ms. Flett’s minimalist aesthetic.

An internship in textile design is necessary as I contemplate my path after Bowdoin. I’m strongly considering going to art school after graduation to pursue textile design. The chance to work with Ms. Flett will give me an inside look into one aspect of the industry. I will gain valuable connections and skills. Most importantly, with her studio being small I will see how this type of operation works while being exposed to various aspects of manufacturing. I believe I will acquire technical skills in silk screening on fabric, computer design applications and other techniques that I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to with my education at Bowdoin.

I’m very excited for the potential of working with Erin Flett because I have a lot to gain from working in her studio. Her wealth of knowledge will not only expose me to an aspect of the textile industry but it will also help me make connections that will be crucial for future employment as I enter my last year of Bowdoin.

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  • Date September 22, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Arts, Junior, Perper, USA

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