Caroline Martinez.

ICFLA - St. Louis, MO

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

“I was able to learn how to build community, bring different groups of people together and create stronger connections with the Latino community in St. Louis and IFCLA.”

With the Interfaith Committee on Latin America, I planned an Ecuadorian dinner and talk about Edward Snowden and the history of USA’s involvement in Ecuador. The event had over 70 people in attendance, and I was the sole organizer: choosing and renting a space, finding a speaker and volunteers, advertising the event, cooking the Ecuadorian meal, and getting a group of musicians to perform at no charge. The event was a success because these monthly dinners usually have a very low attendance- around 20 people- and I was able to make many new contacts for ICFLA. At the event participants also signed thank you notes to the embassies of the countries that offered asylum to Snowden, which I later had delivered.

One of the biggest events I helped plan was an immigration rally in late June. This event was very successful because there were close to 2,000 people and we were able to get a lot of media attention that helped pressure Missouri’s senators to vote for a comprehensive immigration bill. This event also got more people involved in this struggle to gain citizenship.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2013
  • Tags 2013, First Year, Government, Preston, Social Service, USA
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