Caitlin Loi.

Project Description

Year Up

While volunteering at a DC charter school, I heard the principal enthusiastically say to a misbehaving third-grader: “You’re not the McDonald’s worker type. Seize the opportunities given to you and be your best self today.”​ This principal’s tenacious effort is one of many inspirations fueling my commitment to urban education. This commitment draws me to ​Year Up and its mission to provide low-income young-adults the skills, experience, and support needed to reach their full potential. I am excited to be working for Year Up’s Influence and Human Resources Teams​ ​and exploring policy research, staff development, and program pilot work​ ​this summer.

I am on a journey to explore as many career paths as possible before graduation. As an influential non-profit effectively bridging the Opportunity Divide, Year Up is the perfect next step in expanding my experience in the education sector. ​I have had a longstanding interes​t in education and have been fortunate enough to explore many facets of the field. I will be able to adapt my knowledge from my work in K-12 schools and apply it to preparing youn​g-adults to succeed in the workforce. Tackling the factors that perpetuate inequalities at the systemic level will provide me with a new, welcomed perspective on how educational programs can create career opportunities outside of the traditional high school-college track.

Combined with my passion for education, I believe my work ethic and strong communication skills learned from athletic and co-curricular leadership positions will allow me to contribute to and gain skills from Year Up. As a member of the Influence Team, I will apply my presentation skills and research experience from Center City PCS to help investigate the politics behind the Opportunity Divide and its solutions.​ Conducting and analyzing research on policy affecting education will better inform my future as a potential educator. I am particularly excited to work on a D​ACA case study, as the current political environment surrounding DACA greatly impacts not only Year Up, but also American public education. With the Human Resources Team I will have the opportunity to enhance my analysis and communication skills while working to help Year Up’s staff become more effective, content, and diverse. I look forward to interacting with a broad base of current Year Up employees and learning more in depth about what drives the people of such an influential non-profit organization.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Communications, Education
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