Bridget Hoke.

Project Description

The Telling Room

Every week last summer, I would travel from my internship at Portland Housing Authority to a volunteer teaching position at Bowdoin with Let’s Get Ready. Both dealt with underserved populations: immigrant, low-income young children and first-gen, low-income Maine high- schoolers, respectively. While I saw the benefits of simply giving attention and time to the children in the Portland Housing Authority neighborhoods, I also saw the impressive growth of my students at Let’s Get Ready who had a structured, targeted learning environment. That experience, and others throughout my time at Bowdoin, led me to The Telling Room, which is a Maine non-profit that has a more specific emphasis on hands-on, skill-based, mentored education.

A career planning funded internship grant would allow me to accept an internship with The Telling Room that will both provide me with an opportunity to serve the Maine community and to gain a myriad of skills for my teaching career. I will be learning every day through the example of the veteran writing teachers at The Telling Room, who will share with me their own unique teaching methods and approaches. I will get one-on-one and group time with the kids to learn more about the reality of teaching. I will be connected to a community of Maine writers, which I will revel in after having completed my first Intro to Fiction Workshop this semester, which has been the most fulfilling academic experience of my Bowdoin career. I am also excited to work on curriculum development, which is something that I have begun to experience through my mentoring program, Fostering Female Leadership in Youth. The leaders of FFLY and I are in the process of developing a whole new comprehensive, gender-based curriculum for the program, so I would hope to bring my skills from The Telling Room back to FFLY in the fall. Finally, this internship will allow me to delve deeply into my most specific interest, which is unconventional and creative teaching styles. Having experimented with that in my volunteer role with Let’s Get Ready and this year through FFLY, I cannot wait to gain more skills and experience in getting kids to learn in creative ways.

The Telling Room perfectly combines my passions of teaching, mentorship, community enrichment, and writing, and I know that it will give me a chance to grow and sharpen my skills in pursuit of a teaching career. My experiences at Bowdoin prove that I care deeply about the Maine community, about education, about writing, and about where those intersect. As a student following the Bowdoin Teacher Scholars track, I plan on a career in teaching English and Social Studies, and I know that The Telling Room is the right place for me to keep exploring those passions.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Education, Social Service
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