Betty Louis.

Project Description

Generation Teach,

I learned about the racial academic achievement gap for the first time when I was in seventh grade. My vice principal and the dean of students explained to a room of young black and brown students that all over the country, students like us were performing significantly worse than our white counterparts. For a moment, we all felt defeated but then we were reminded that we had awesome teachers who cared about us and who were doing everything in their power to help us get rid of the inequality in the education system. Since then, I’ve known that education is my passion and that I wanted to work within the education system to fix the inequalities that exist. Having the opportunity to work with Generation Teach this summer will be a small but important and invaluable step towards accomplishing that goal.

I chose to apply for Generation Teach, a teaching fellowship for college and high school students, because I believe it will allow me to gain first- hand experience of the teaching profession and will help me to prepare to teach my own classroom in the future. Throughout the summer, I will be teaching middle school students in Holyoke, Massachusetts. I will have the opportunity to teach both a core subject, such as math or history, and my own elective course for which, with the help of Generation Teach mentors, I will design the curriculum. Even prior to entering the classroom, I will have the chance to participate in a two-week orientation to become well-informed on broader issues in the American education system. During the summer I will work to combat these issues by implementing the lessons I learn during orientation into my own teaching. Further, I will grow as a professional as I learn to accept and apply constructive criticism from the mentor teacher to whom i will be assigned for the summer. I am also looking forward to meeting the amazing students who will have chosen to do school in the summer. In addition, I hope to learn how to balance being both personable and demanding as I encourage my students to achieve their best work.

Overall, I believe the personal and professional skills that I will gain and practice throughout the summer with Generation Teach will help me to not only build relationships with my summer students and contribute to their academic success, but will also prepare me to teach my future students. In addition, through this opportunity, I will become better prepared to change the education system until it truly is equitable and accessible for all students. I cannot wait to begin working this summer and I am extremely enthusiastic for all the ways that I will grow.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Education
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