Benjamin Ray.

Project Description

Senator King’s Campaign

My career goals and values deeply align with the mission of Senator King’s campaign. As one of two Independent senators in America, he makes policy choices that reflect moral values and the interests of the people of Maine, not simply ones that follow party lines. Bowdoin has taught me the importance of critical thinking and unbiased arguments, and I would be honored to represent a non-partisan campaign such as Senator King’s.

I currently study education and history, and these disciplines have allowed me to realize the impact that personal relationships can have on overall societal change. My year of Americorps service with City Year New Hampshire has given me a multitude of skills that qualify me for a position on a campaign. In this role, I wrote lesson plans, provided targeted behavior and attendance coaching, aided with whole-class support, and planned and led after-school programming, among other responsibilities. Planning engaging, creative activities was immensely important to me, and I believe I can bring this forward thoughtfulness to my work this summer engaging the people of the state of Maine. Political change starts with personal change, and my prior experience educating individuals, facilitating dialogue and planning events will allow me to make connections on a small scale that will add up to larger impact.

In addition to change on a smaller scale, progress in policy is also a part of my vision for my future impact. This requires larger organizing efforts which go beyond the impact that personal relations can have. Volunteering with the campaign thus far, I have learned to use NationBuilder software to sort groups of supporters. With this data, I have also made phone calls to potential volunteers and supporters, mailed signature-gathering packets to registered campaign volunteers, and am gathering signatures myself from local Maine residents. Finally, I have worked with campaign staff to brainstorm ideas for various special projects, including a state-wide house party event in which Senator King live-streamed to over 100 homes across the state. These experiences and the skills associated with them have been invaluable for me to learn. Interning with a congressional campaign will continue to bolster my ability to politically organize in future.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Government, Social Service
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