Aziza Janmohamed.

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Liv & Mags

The first time I felt settled at Bowdoin, I was sitting on a massive couch, performing in Masque & Gown’s 24-hour-show. And yet, I was not able to share this experience with a large audience; the 24- hour-show occurred in Memorial Hall 108. It was not until the spring of my sophomore year that a woman of color was cast in a Masque & Gown mainstage production. This needs to change. Representation in theater matters. It changes lives.

Liv & Mags is a theatrical production company founded by two Bowdoin alums, Olivia Atwood ’17 and Maggie Seymour ‘16, who wrote and produced their first show, 15 Villainous Fools, as an honors project at Bowdoin. I believe that interning with Liv & Mags would be the perfect opportunity for me to see how change and innovation occurs in the theater, given that Atwood and Seymour are women who create roles for women in a field that has historically been run by white men. It would also allow me to see how theater of this kind is written and produced; this is the business expertise I will need if I am to actually make a living in this field. What excites me most about this internship in particular is not just gaining first-hand experience in theatrical production, but also having the opportunity to provide directorial insight and affect the creative process, as well as managing the day to day marketing and production needs of the company. I am a hard-working, driven, passionate, and a creative problem-solver, all of which will allow me to do this kind of work, and do it well. Given that Liv & Mags is a small company, I am excited by the variety of opportunities and ample guidance and mentorship that I will have access to during this internship. In addition, the potential networking connections I will make are absolutely invaluable.

This internship will not only be an opportunity for me to apply the skills I have acquired while at Bowdoin, but it will also be a stepping stone for my future career path. Next fall, I intend to apply for graduate programs in theater production. This is an incredibly competitive field, and this internship will give my applications the edge I will need to be a serious candidate. It will also be essential for the completion of my intended honors project, which will be dealing directly with these issues of casting and creating roles for those people and identities who have typically been excluded from the theater. After graduate school, I want to work in the theater business, particularly in production and development.

I cannot stress enough the ability of theater to affect positive change – to see yourself visually represented onstage in shows that reflect the beautiful and diverse array of the human experience is quite literally life-changing. This is my goal, and this internship is my first step towards achieving that goal.

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  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Arts, Business, Communications
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