Augustus Gilchrist.

Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies - Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Project Description

VMWare Foundation Recipient

The Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies engages in public policy research and outreach pertaining to Georgian civil society, government, and ethnic minorities. Georgia’s experience since the fall of the Soviet Union is, in many ways, contradictory: despite remarkably successful efforts at democratic reform, the country is still plagued by simmering ethnic conflicts and a troubled relationship with the Russian Federation. At GFSIS, I would be engaged in research on these issues, as well as participating in fundraising and outreach. As someone who hopes to pursue a career that requires conducting research, the opportunity to gain experience in this specific area would be tremendously beneficial to my future career plans.

Many of the auxiliary duties of interns at GFSIS fit in with skills I have begun developing at Bowdoin, skills that will serve me well as I pursue my future career goals. Interns are expected to help edit the English-language documents produced by GFSIS: as a copy-editor for the Bowdoin Globalist, I believe I could contribute in this regard. Interns also participate in fundraising, as the Foundation relies on grants and donations to maintain its operations – I would hope to develop and adapt the fundraising skills I gained through participating in Bowdoin’s Annual Giving campaign to the process of helping GFSIS secure grants and funding, a key skill in any future career in the public sector or academia. Finally, interning at GFSIS would allow me to use my knowledge of Russian in a work environment, whether through research based on Russian-language sources, or communicating with coworkers and members of the public who do not speak English. Indeed, GFSIS states in its internship description that knowledge of Russian is an asset for interns, as it allows them to engage more directly in research of ethnic minority regions.

Interning at GFSIS will allow me to explore public-sector research work in a field pertaining to my specific interests, while simultaneously developing core skills that will prove of use in any career. Interning at GFSIS would also allow me to build on some of the experiences I have been lucky enough to have at Bowdoin, as well as bring knowledge and experience of a fascinating and strategically important country back to campus. I am excited to have this opportunity to develop my skills and interests, and I thank the Career Planning Center for their consideration in helping me make it possible.

Project Details

  • Date September 22, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Europe, First Year, Government

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