Ariye Krassner.

Preble St. Resource Center - Portland, ME

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

“The internship really opened my eyes to the wide spectrum of the field of psychology and the profession of social work, and reminded me not to limit myself to a particular career or specialty within psychology at this stage of career planning.”

My assigned jobs and projects throughout the internship included working in main soup kitchen and the Florence House (all women’s shelter) kitchen, sorting and distributing incoming mail daily, organizing and setting up the agency’s undeveloped space, sifting through clothing donations, and setting up the clothing closet for client access. Other jobs were also acquired throughout the internship, such as going to the LifeChurch weekly to pick up care packages for clients, and doing administrative tasks.

The internship was a fair balance of tasks that were beneficial to my learning and jobs that Preble St. desperately needed extra hands with. Working in the soup kitchens and running the clothing closet allowed me to develop relationships with some of the homeless clients and to learn about the cracks in our social system. While tasks like collecting donations and sorting mail did not directly contribute to my learning in the field of psychology, I was constantly surrounded by social workers at Preble St. The privilege to watch professional counselors interact with the homeless clientele, quell conflict, and arrange life-changing housing and job opportunities for clients was educational and inspirational in itself.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2011
  • Tags 2011, Preston, Social Service, USA

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