Angel Cheng.

The Voice of Forgotten Mothers - China

Project Description

Davis Projects for Peace Summer Fellowship Recipient

The goal of my project was to establish a sex education program, in the only existing Chinese matriarchal society, in order to promote proper sexual knowledge, to attract global attention and to reduce the illiteracy rate. I hoped the three-week course would not only establish an international collaboration in preserving the unique Mosuo culture but also help Mosuo women recognize their significance in maintaining Mosuo social stability.

According to our statistics, 382 Mosuo girls, 123 Mosuo women and 28 Mosuo men attended the entire three-week course, 30 hours in total. Our team of volunteers consisted of three native Mosuo college students who studied in Southern China, two Han college students from Northern China, a middle school student from Beijing, two high school students from Shenzhen and two college instructors from Henan. Our program introduced safe birth control, emphasized the significance of education, and focused on female health education. We enabled Mosuo women to understand their psychological and physical well-being plays a key role in preserving the Mosuo culture.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2009
  • Tags 2009, Asia, Davis Projects for Peace, Education, Healthcare, Social Service

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