Amanda Perkins.

Center for the Study of Global Christianity - South Hamilton, MA

Project Description

Peter Buck Internship Fund Recipient

I have a passion for gathering and distilling valuable abstract knowledge for an engaged audience that I have discovered through my role as Managing Editor of the Agathos Journal, a magazine-style publication by Bowdoin College students and community members. In this role, I work in a team context, curating many voices toward a single theme by editing and organizing articles, developing a design concept, and packaging all the elements of the magazine in an engaging layout. I have found leading this project to be extremely fulfilling, satisfying my personal bent toward product-oriented, people-serving, meaning-giving work. This satisfaction is what drove me to discover this opportunity with the Center for the Study of Global Christianity in the first place, looking for a unique way to seriously consider writing and publishing as a potential career. Hopeful that publishing could be a viable long-term direction for these passions, I have committed to personally developing my own writing and “curating” skills in my free time, gathering others’ ideas and writing about them in a private blog project in addition to my work with Agathos. This internship opportunity will be integral in giving me first-hand experience with a professional, academic publication project that could lead me one step further down this path.

It has been to my pleasure to learn that not only would this opportunity help me to explore a career field of considerable interest to me, but that in it, I will be required to make use of skills and interests that I have been yet unable to unite in a single project in my academic career. As a History major I have completed several major research papers and have come to love and look forward to the process of research and writing. On the other hand, in my Environmental Studies major, I study with a self- designed data analysis concentration, building up a skill set of map-based spatial and demographic analysis. This internship with the Center for the Study of Global Christianity combines for me writing, research, and data analysis perfectly on a subject in which I have great personal interest and motivation to study. As I work with the researchers, data specialists, and designers in the Center, I will be mentored to hone these skills in an applied, high-stakes, professional environment. I really couldn’t have designed a better opportunity for myself if I tried. I’m grateful and honestly thrilled to have found such a unique way of curating my passions and skills in a summer experience that will expose me to one exciting corner of the writing and publishing world.

Project Details

  • Date September 22, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Buck, Communications, Junior, USA

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