Aliya Feroe.

Boston Children's Hospital - Boston, MA

Project Description

Annual Fund for Career Readiness Recipient

Aliya wants to put a human face to medical science, bridging the gap between clinical practice and public health research. She previously interned at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, then the Centers for Disease Control; each day in the lab, “I yearned for the privilege to speak to the patients whose samples I analyzed, extend a comforting hand and offer reassurance that my research team and I will never give up on them.” In pursuit of this goal, she took an internship in Boston Children’s Hospital’s Newborn Medicine Division, partnering with Dr. Eric Greer in his research on heritable epigenetics.

In the lab, Aliya contributed to every stage of the research process. She collaborated closely with her supervisor to plan and conduct experiments using techniques involving biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. She also participated in regular meetings with fellow researchers, presenting findings and discussing relevant published research. Most importantly to Aliya, she shadowed neonatologists in the NICU, meeting the people affected by her research in a clinical setting.

The demands of the internship presented personal challenges for Aliya. “As the youngest person in the lab, I experienced a steep initial learning curve and lack of confidence. Throughout the summer, however, I learned to appreciate the unknown and gained comfort asking my colleagues for help.” She plans to channel her energy from this internship into her Honors project and, after graduation, a dual MD and Masters of Public Health degree.

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, Annual Fund for Career Readiness, Healthcare, Junior, Science, USA

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