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Articles featuring Bowdoin funded internship grant recipients:

(08/29/16) Government Major Hopes State Department Internship Will Lead to Diplomatic Career

(08/05/16) Student Fellows Focus on the Social Side of Health

(07/18/16) Osborn Ng’imor ’18 Builds a Library in Kenya

(07/12/16) Green Summers: Case Studies of Environmental Internships

(07/07/16) Animal Rescue Internship Gets Alexa Horwitz ’19 Closer to Goal

(06/27/16) Summer Jobs: Two Students Study, Protect Beavers and Whales

(06/20/16) Internships Far Afield: Spotlight on London, Ghana and Ecuador

(02/18/16) Maggie Acosta ’16 Presents Birthing Research at Development Conference

(07/15/15) Michael Butler ’17 Helps Develop Rainforest Products to Benefit Local Communities

(07/10/15) Kai Wise ’18 is Living History at Timberline Lodge

(06/30/15) Helping One Person at a Time, Briana Cardwell ’17 Counters Racism

(03/30/15) Camp Hope Founder Justin Pearson ’17 On Serving the Underserved

(08/20/14) Helen Mohney ’15: Enabling the Disabled to Make Beautiful Art

(07/25/14) Bowdoin Engineering Student Designs Stander for Disabled Children

(07/07/14) With Summer Grant, John Branch ’16 Helps Find Poverty Solutions

(07/02/14) For Profit For Good: Environmental Studies Students Explore Biz World

(04/03/14) Lonnie Hackett ’14 Wins Projects for Peace Award

(07/10/13) The Sound of Music: Filipe Camarotti ’14 and his Acoustical Engineering Internship

(07/05/13) With Funded Internship, Jackie Fickes ’15 Helps Heal Traumatized Teenagers

(07/01/13) Faith Biegon ’14 Gains Skills to Become a ‘Changemaker’

(06/26/13) Q&A with Rubi Duran ’16: Before a Doctor, a Children’s Hospital Volunteer

(06/20/13) Delving into Alaska’s Art and History with a Delta Sigma Arts Fellowship

(06/18/13) Local Start-up Offers Students Crash Course in Sustainable Business

(09/26/12) Senior Linna Gao Uses Entrepreneur Grant to Mix Science and Business

(07/24/12) A Summer Internship Spent in Jail

(06/28/12) A Summer Preston Fellow Helps Heal Migrant Farmers

(06/23/10) Teaching in Pakistan

(01/25/10) Profile of Kyle Dempsey

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